Giselle and Patrick: a little romance in Coronado

Giselle wasn’t sure whether or not she really wanted to go to the party with her friend, because her friend’s co-workers were all engineers, but she ultimately gave in.  There she met Patrick.

A few months later Giselle’s job transferred her to a location on Coronado Island. She remembered that Patrick also worked on the island and the two met up for a beach run after work. This one run together turned to many, along with plenty of live music, picnics, drinks and dinners in the months that followed.

Then, exactly a year after their first beach run together, Patrick took Giselle out to Peohe’s followed by a romantic view of the San Diego skyline from Bayview Park. Before dinner, however, Patrick had been busy. He put his engineering prowess to work and constructed a “marry me” sign illuminated with LED lights, then asked that same friend, mentioned in the beginning of this story, to hang it in a tree at the park where he planned to take Giselle later that evening.  As the two of them walked the path toward the sign, Giselle had just made out what it said and turned to find Patrick on one knee.  And of course, she said yes.

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Giselle and Patrick – thank you two for being so much fun, so creative, so romantic and beautiful.  Dick and I had such a fantastic time photographing you two that I think Dad may be a little jealous.  :-)  We can hardly wait to photograph your wedding in March!