Alyssa and Mike: a fun, festive and nautical celebration

It’s always such a treat to photograph a beautiful couple.  Alyssa and Mike took this to the next level – not only being beautifully easy to photograph, but also being such fun loving and positive people.  We loved everything about their day – from their ceremony at one of our favorite venues, the Immaculata at USD, to their nautical reception on the Bahia’s William D Evans sternwheeler.  Their reception was filled with fun and thoughtful details, including an awesomely choreographed first dance, and their guests were absolutely lovely to hang out with for a day!  Dad and I couldn’t have asked for better!

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Alyssa and Mike – thank you so much for asking us to photograph such a fun and beautiful celebration.  We loved every moment of it, and I for one can hardly wait to take more beautiful photos of you two… (more on that coming soon…)