Jaclyn and Andre: a beautiful Admiral Kidd Club wedding

She went shopping with her cousin while she was in town visiting family.  When one of the store employees approached her to make small talk, she recognized it for the romantic gesture it was, and feeling shy, turned the other way.  As she left the store, he approached her one last time and told her that she didn’t have to be rude and that he just wanted to show her around the city.  Well, this second attempt worked, and now, years later, they’re tying the knot!

I love that Andre was tenacious enough to win Jaclyn’s heart all those years ago. And I love that the story, and the humor behind it, is the basis for their fun and relaxed relationship today.

Jaclyn and Andre’s engagement session was one of my favorites this year. We were able to capture some really beautiful and romantic moments.  Their wedding was every bit as beautiful. Family and friends gathered at the Admiral Kidd Club for this beautiful and warm celebration.

Jaclyn and Andre prepared for their big day at the beautifully renovated Hilton in Mission Valley.

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So beautiful!
jablog_06 jablog_05jablog_07 Look at all of the fun goodies that Jaclyn gave her bridesmaids!jablog_08 jablog_09 jablog_10 jablog_11 jablog_12 jablog_13 jablog_14 jablog_15 jablog_16 jablog_17 jablog_18 jablog_19 jablog_20 jablog_21 jablog_22 jablog_24 jablog_25 jablog_26 jablog_27 jablog_28 jablog_29 Love the way he looks at her…jablog_30 jablog_31 jablog_32 jablog_33 jablog_34 jablog_35 jablog_36 jablog_37 jablog_38 jablog_39 jablog_40 jablog_41 jablog_42 jablog_43 jablog_44 jablog_45 So romantic!jablog_46 jablog_47 jablog_48 jablog_49 jablog_50 jablog_52 jablog_53 jablog_54 jablog_55 jablog_56 jablog_57 jablog_58 jablog_59 jablog_60 jablog_61 jablog_62 jablog_63

Andre and Jaclyn, thank you again so much for asking us to photograph your wedding.  You two are so beautiful together and I’m so happy that we could help you capture this long awaited celebration.