Pam and Jimmy’s wedding and Coronado reception

When I first met Pam and Jimmy at the house to talk about their wedding plans, they brought their baby girl with them. I was immediately taken with all three of them. So much joy and so much love. Their wedding celebration was happily more of the same.

Pam prepared for the big day, surrounded by a beautiful group of bridesmaids, at her mom’s home, while Jimmy and his groomsmen dressed at the Glorietta Bay Inn. The two were then married at the beautifully open and airy Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Bonita. They then partied the night away at the Coronado Community Center.


Of course, we had to capture the mini-me’s dress too…

PBJD_0022PBJD_0066PBJD_0152Lookin’ good Jimmy!PBJD_0578PBJD_0634

What a beautiful, radiant bride! Gorgeous, Pam!PBJD_0712PBJD_0722PBJD_0727PBJD_0738PBJD_0753PBJD_0784PBJD_0817PBJD_0845PBJD_0899PBJD_0942PBJD_0978PBJD_1034PBJD_1247PBJD_1299PBJD_1311PBJD_1375PBJD_1482PBJD_1504PBJD_1643PBJD_2018PBJD_2054PBJD_2168PBJD_2234PBJD_2248PBJD_2413PBJD_2451PBJD_2476PBJD_2616PBJD_2641PBJD_2680PBJD_2727PBJD_2735PBJD_2739PBJD_2749PBJD_2751PBJD_2770PBJD_2786PBJD_2993

A touching moment, when Pam’s friend who couldn’t attend gave a special message to the newlyweds.PBJD_3068

Pam and Jimmy, you two are so awesome! But you don’t need me to tell you that – plenty of family and friends will attest to it. Dad and I really loved having the opportunity to photograph your beautiful, new family and we wish you all the happiness in the world.  Thank you so much for asking us to be your wedding photographers!  *hugs*