Maverick’s First Birthday!

When Samantha asked me to photograph Maverick’s Birthday party, I was super excited. Samantha and her sister Elizabeth have been photography clients of ours for years, since they were first engaged to their husbands. And now they both have little ones that turned one this year. Both are so creative and when it comes to party planning, they always put a ton of thought and care into the tiniest of details.

Maverick’s party was no exception!  Samantha came up with a “Disney Circus” theme, and included everything from circus-themed centerpieces, an amazing dessert display, and even fresh popcorn and pretzels with cheese for dipping. Samantha is also an amazingly talented dessert chef – you can almost taste these photos. Yum! Throw in an adorable toddler (… or several), a crowd pleasing hot dog food truck, a fun grown-up drink station, an awesome “smash cake” for Maverick to destroy, and you’ve got yourself quite a party!