Jackie and Miguel: love in Coronado

There she sat, trapped in the booth. Out with a group of friends, she managed to get herself stuck between people, with no easy way to get up to get herself a drink. He noticed and brought her a beer.

When I chatted with Jackie and Miguel about their wedding plans (which I love by the way… more on that early next year) they told me how they met, and I thought the story was so great. He clearly was paying attention to her needs and stepped in to do something about it. And she didn’t turn him away. What a cool way to find a connection – and I think it says volumes about how these two are together. After spending an afternoon photographing these two, I can tell that they really like each other. I know – that sounds silly. Of course they do. But no, I mean they really like each other. They’re just so easy with each other, and so ready to laugh and have a good time. Oh yeah, and as you can see from the photos, they’re a beautiful couple. :-)


Jackie and Miguel – you two are so beautiful together, and Dick and I such had a fantastic time with you both. I can hardly wait for your wedding next February!