Michele and Robby: Bahia Wedding

This was definitely a fun one!  Michele and Robby were married at the beautiful St Mary Magdalene Church in San Diego, followed by a reception on the sternwheeler, William D Evans, at the Bahia Resort Hotel on Mission Bay.


The entire wedding party, except Michele and her dad, were transported to the church by Old Town Trolley MPRS_0561MPRS_0577

St Mary Magdelene is such a gorgeous church – I love the intricate and colorful stained glass and architecture.MPRS_0857MPRS_0640MPRS_0651MPRS_0691MPRS_0699MPRS_0901MPRS_0931MPRS_0973MPRS_0977MPRS_1034MPRS_1061MPRS_1101MPRS_1157MPRS_1252MPRS_1294MPRS_1307MPRS_1382MPRS_1392MPRS_1466MPRS_1468MPRS_1524MPRS_1531MPRS_1534MPRS_1557MPRS_1565We had a little time between the ceremony and reception, so we made stops at Balboa Park and Mission Bay Park to take more fun photos.MPRS_1609MPRS_1616MPRS_1668MPRS_1735MPRS_1755MPRS_1804MPRS_1805MPRS_1819MPRS_1860MPRS_1869MPRS_1886MPRS_1890MPRS_1911MPRS_1917MPRS_1943MPRS_1948MPRS_1964MPRS_1969MPRS_1973MPRS_1980MPRS_2001

What great luck to pass a gentleman blowing bubbles!MPRS_2053

Ah, so many fun details! I absolutely loved the nautical theme, right down to the paper boat placeholders. Adorable!!MPRS_2070MPRS_2055MPRS_2056MPRS_2063MPRS_2068

Shout-out to Notre Dame in the form of the groom’s cake.MPRS_2078MPRS_2087MPRS_2092MPRS_2108MPRS_2117MPRS_2148MPRS_2156MPRS_2165MPRS_2175MPRS_2187MPRS_2201MPRS_2441MPRS_2610MPRS_3424