Anjelica and Marvin’s St Gregory the Great wedding and private estate reception

From the first time we met Anjelica and Marvin, I loved seeing the lighthearted and relaxed connection between them. This is a beautiful couple and so much fun, and yet I think what I liked most about Anjelica and Marvin when we first met them was the fact that these two already seemed like family – so natural and comfortable together, like they had been together for decades. And while, yes, they practically grew up together, they also have such a tender connection between them (which I’m sure you’ll see in their wedding photos).

Angelica was finishing up her law degree during the wedding planning process, so when it came to pulling together all of the details, Marvin took on an impressive amount of planning, with the help of Anjelica’s very organized sister Elena. And as if there weren’t enough going on in their lives, they decided to have their reception at a private property owned by Anjelica’s family. This property is gorgeous, has a stunning view, and holds beautiful memories for both Anjelica and Marvin. However, it wasn’t quite ready for the elegant event that these two had in mind. So for the year leading up to the wedding, Marvin worked closely with Anjelica’s dad to renovate the beautiful home. The result was perfect.

Anjelica and Marvin were married at Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church. Their beautiful private reception was coordinate by the very talented Selina Rose.