Judi and Josh: El Cortez wedding

The knew each other for years. Both attended the same performing arts school, and they had the same group of friends. She never really found him attractive… that is… until he grew the beard. Suddenly Judi saw Josh in a different way, and the two fell in love.

After preparing for the big day at the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina downtown, the two decided to have a first look and take some formal photos with their wedding party at the Balboa Park Administration building courtyard. They were then married in the beautiful and opulent Don Room at the historic San Diego landmark, the El Cortez.


Josh’s gift to Judi on their wedding day was an art book and a set of prints, all signed by the artist, Pascal Campion. On a personal note, I think his work is amazing and am so happy to have seen these because I’m now a fan, myself. Thanks, guys! :-)jgjw_0371jgjw_0380jgjw_0272Judi’s gift to Josh was this super cool watch! :-)jgjw_0223jgjw_0281jgjw_0440jgjw_0405jgjw_0456jgjw_0481jgjw_0592jgjw_0638jgjw_0957jgjw_0979jgjw_1024jgjw_1056jgjw_1069EXCELLENT first look reaction, Josh!jgjw_1072Actually, both of you had excellent first look reactions! Well done! :-)jgjw_1073jgjw_1076jgjw_1158jgjw_1161jgjw_1258jgjw_1279jgjw_1300jgjw_1330jgjw_1521jgjw_1655jgjw_1507jgjw_1660jgjw_2103jgjw_1778jgjw_1798jgjw_2028jgjw_2003jgjw_1865jgjw_1952jgjw_1965jgjw_2136jgjw_2152jgjw_2204jgjw_2214jgjw_2239jgjw_2273jgjw_1968jgjw_1982jgjw_2258jgjw_2358jgjw_2394jgjw_2527jgjw_2568jgjw_2592jgjw_2621jgjw_2610jgjw_3031jgjw_3126jgjw_2768jgjw_2795jgjw_2802jgjw_2817jgjw_2823jgjw_2864jgjw_3556jgjw_3571

Judi and Josh – yours was such a joyful and loving celebration! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture it for you. Dick and I wish you a long and happy married life together!!