Anjelica and Marvin’s La Jolla newlywed photos

Anjelica and Marvin haven’t really had the best luck with sunsets. When he planned to propose, he read that there would be rain, so he drove all the way up to Carlsbad to where the weather was suppose to be clearer. Unfortunately, it was overcast, so no sunset. Then on their wedding day, which was absolutely beautiful by the way, they celebrated on a gorgeous north county hilltop, which has a breathtaking view of the sunset. But that evening was once again overcast. Again, this wasn’t a bad thing. Given the weather at that time, the cooler air was much more comfortable for everyone. And the reception was still stunning. (check out the photos here) But they still really wanted those sunset photos.

Well, we got them! For their newlywed photo session they decided on La Jolla, and the weather did not disappoint! Yay!!  But first, we took some photos in front of artist Roy McMakin’s public mural in La Jolla, “Favorite Color”. I LOVE these colorful photos too. It is fun to have a collection of photos taken in two parts, with two completely different moods.

I hope you love them as much as we do!