AJ and Jen: St Joseph Cathedral wedding and reception at the Brick

When AJ and Jen first started telling us about their wedding plans, I was immediately taken in by the way they planned to bring together traditional wedding customs with more unique, modern ideas. What I didn’t realize was just how beautiful everything would be. Given their deep faith and AJ’s passion for architecture, it was no surprise that they selected the beautiful landmark, Saint Joseph Cathedral, for their ceremony. And after spending time with the two of them during their Coronado engagement session, it also came as no surprise that they allowed for time to drive all over San Diego, taking photos with various San Diego landmarks that were special to them either due to a personal connection or due to the architecture.

Then we headed to the Brick, a one-room event hall in the heart of Liberty Station. Here, AJ and Jen made sure to focus on an enjoyable experience for their guests. They made their grand entrance shortly after cocktail hour began so that they could enjoy all of the many appetizers (compliments of the brilliant Michel of the French Gourmet) and visit casually with family and friends amongst cheerful flower arrangements, twinkling lights, and other thoughtful details that set the stage for the delightful evening ahead.  Everything was expertly coordinated by the very talented Liz at WED San Diego.

AJ and Jen are both so warm, friendly, and really beautiful. Especially on her wedding day Jen’s natural radiance, big smile and simple elegance reminded me a bit of my grandmother in her youth (which is probably the biggest compliment I could give anyone). I’m sure you’ll enjoy this peek into a beautiful day with these beautiful people.

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AJ and Jen, you two are truly a class-act and to say it was delightful spending the day with you and your loved ones would be an understatement. Thank you again for asking us to photograph this joyful, unique, and beautiful celebration. It was our pleasure!!