Andia and Eric’s traditional yet not-so-traditional celebration

These two are such a fun couple! When they told us about themselves and their interests, I immediately thought: yes! they’re our kind of people. The two of them met in a multi-media class in high school and share a love of nerd culture. So, as you’ll see from the photos, there are definitely some Star Wars, Star Trek and other pop culture influences in their wedding details.

However, Andia’s family is Persian and a traditional Persian wedding ceremony was also important to them. I could almost have split this wedding into two different posts, emphasizing the two sides to their personalities and to their celebration. But, of course, I won’t do that – because just like the two of them fit so perfectly together, all of the things that make them who they are also came together to create an elegant celebration that was unique to their love story. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Andia and Eric’s wedding took place in Andia’s lovely family home.

APER_0246APER_0250APER_0272APER_0073APER_0013APER_0550APER_0569APER_0572APER_0626APER_0656APER_0705APER_0795APER_0831APER_0842APER_0861APER_0688APER_0680APER_0730APER_0941APER_0310APER_0945APER_1050APER_1058APER_1069APER_1081APER_1189APER_1218APER_1237APER_1342APER_1343APER_0596APER_1233APER_0602APER_1475APER_1670APER_1733APER_1757Because he was such a big part of their lives, the two asked their former favorite teacher to officiate the western portion of their wedding ceremony.
APER_1776APER_1834APER_2070APER_2116APER_2697APER_2212APER_2265APER_2321APER_2338APER_2465After their ceremony, Andia, Eric and their wedding party took a quick trip to their old high school, where we had some fun capturing a few images of them in the classroom where they fell in love.APER_2841APER_2621APER_2652APER_2761APER_2774APER_2782APER_1174APER_2613APER_2591APER_2813APER_2831APER_2932APER_3143APER_3516APER_3537APER_3589APER_3619APER_3890APER_4359APER_4321APER_4500APER_4516APER_4537APER_4557APER_4908APER_4925APER_5019APER_5026APER_5056APER_5058APER_4587