Crystal and Nick: he proposed!

We’ve known Nick for several years. He and Dick used to work together and like to catch up over beer and wings from time to time. I’ve occasionally joined the two of them, but the timing never worked out for his girlfriend Crystal to come along.

Then Nick decided to propose to Crystal. In order to have an excuse to get her to a romantic location (with cameras – we offered) he devised a plan to invite the two of us on a short hike. The idea was that, since we’ve all been meaning to get together and since we’re photographers, they would show us this great spot where we could take some photos of the scenery. Good plan, right?

What we didn’t consider was that what would be an “easy” hike for these two was the first real exercise the two of us had done in quite some time. We met the two of them at the base of Black Mountain to discover that this would be a rocky uphill trek – a piece of cake for people who do it regularly, but for us… well…

We eventually made our way up the hill, catching our breath at the top when Nick gave us the signal. At this point we pretended to take photos of the view until he got on one knee. Sure, it was pretty exhausting. And honestly, had we known ahead of time the extent of exertion this little excursion would require of us, we might have turned down the opportunity. But holy cow look at this moment! We’re so glad we didn’t!!

Congratulations Crystal and Nick! We’re so excited for you and are so thrilled that we were able to witness and capture your beautiful proposal!