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Swimming in Idaho!

My nephew Nathan has been swimming for a year now and, according to his coach (not to mention a local news station!) he shows a lot of promise, especially considering the fact that… Continue reading

Korea Day 3 Part 2 – Seoraksan National Park

After our visit to the DMZ, we had a delicious traditional Korean meal, then made our way to the beautiful Seoraksan National Park.  The jagged mountains and fall leaves were breathtaking!  We later… Continue reading

Day 3 in Korea Part 1 – the DMZ!

When we were planning this trip, we figured we would have to see the DMZ.  It’s a part of world history, “a relic of the cold war” as the tour books call it,… Continue reading

Our Korean Adventure Day 2 – Exploring Suwon

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to sunshine and decided to spend more time exploring the area. Kevin and Michelle were busy with a wedding photoshoot so they weren’t able to… Continue reading

Our Korean Adventure – Day 1

We landed in Seoul at about 4:30am.  By the time we went through customs, got our bags, and took the bus ride to Suwon, it was late morning.  We cleaned up a bit,… Continue reading

Balloon Landing

What a surprise to look out the back door and see this at eye level! By the time I got the camera the ride was just ending.

A Tuscan Dinner in San Diego

Last night Mike and Christina had a few friends over for a “Tuscan dinner”.  Dick and I often have dinners with these two and they always have a way of making even the… Continue reading

Ottawa in Summertime

Once in a while, I take trips to Ottawa, Canada for work.  I rarely get a chance to get out and enjoy the surroundings of what is really a gorgeous city.  This time,… Continue reading

a short trip to London

I spent a week working in the UK.  I stayed at an airport Marriott and commuted daily to an office building in Woking, part of Surrey.  Being completely jet-lagged when I arrived Saturday,… Continue reading

spring weekend in New York

Once again, Dick and I enjoyed a fantastic trip with our friends, Mike and Christina.  This time we spent a long weekend in New York.  Lots of walking and some amazing food made… Continue reading

Bangkok: Bustling Markets and Glimmering Temples

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend enjoying some of Bangkok while I was there for work.  This was the second day with our tour… Continue reading

Beautiful Bangkok

Usually when I travel for work (ahem, the “day job”) I don’t bring my camera along because frankly, the inside of conference rooms just aren’t all that interesting.  But when work took me… Continue reading