Andrew, Annie, Matteo, Sofia & Mary

When Andrew’s mother Mary asked for family photos, Dick and I were thrilled that our friends Andrew and Annie came to us. The setting at Balboa Park was comfortably cool and bright as… Continue reading

Lynn and Steve

We had an absolute blast shooting Lynn and Steve’s wedding. Both active Navy, they met on the way to Iraq. Four years later, their two families came together for a beautiful celebration of… Continue reading

Amanda & Nathan

I’ll admit that it can sometimes be unnerving showing up to photograph a wedding when I haven’t yet met the couple. But I have to say, the moment Dad and I arrived at… Continue reading

life snippets

a.k.a. a love letter to my iPhone There are schools of thought that say a photographer should bring her camera everywhere she goes. Well… as much as I agree that’s a great idea,… Continue reading

Sunday Morning

Hey you – that’s my side of the bed.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

What a great day! Dick, Mom, Dad and I all took the Amtrak to San Juan Capistrano for Mom’s Birthday lunch. It was dreary and wet in San Diego that morning, but after… Continue reading

spilling candle

We were headed out the door after having a delicious dinner at Mike and Christina’s house, when I noticed an overflowing candle on their mantle. The pattern it created was just too cool… Continue reading

Sean and Nicole’s elegant album

I had the privilege of hand-delivering Nicole and Sean’s album to Nicole’s mom this weekend. Before I handed it over, I took a few photos of it. I love the elegant simplicity. And… Continue reading

Deanna & Jim

Deanna and Jim are two of the most delightful people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They were both positive and good-humored, even when the rain started to pour just before their… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

On New Years Eve we headed over to Mike and Christina’s house for a delicious dinner and an enjoyable evening with close friends. Here are a few shots I took with Dick’s camera.… Continue reading

Expecting Rylan

Those of you who know me know that I’m a huge fan of my cousin Amy and her artwork. She is without a doubt the most creative person I know and I’m constantly… Continue reading

Kumiko & Wisler

On the day after Christmas Dad and I headed up to Orange County to photograph Kumiko and Wisler’s wedding. This is one very special couple and we enjoyed every minute of this absolutely… Continue reading