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Jackie and Miguel: love in Coronado

There she sat, trapped in the booth. Out with a group of friends, she managed to get herself stuck between people, with no easy way to get up to get herself a drink. He noticed and… Continue reading

Jen and AJ: Coronado Island engagement

In bold font on the Notre Dame High School Summer Camp web page are the words: you’ll never forget your summer with Notre Dame. While I’m sure this is certainly the case for any high… Continue reading

Michelle and Jonathan: a walk in the woods

Michelle and Jonathan didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day. And due to the national park requirements, they weren’t able to start their ceremony until very close to… Continue reading

Michelle and Jonathan: Muir Woods wedding

Earlier this year Michelle and Jonathan hiked 140 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in just 15 days. I can only imagine the peace and connectedness that one feels with nature after experiencing it… Continue reading

more designs from Love Notes

I’ve mentioned Jessica and Love Notes Stationery in the past. Jessica is such a sweetheart and her invitation design suites are so lovely. I had the opportunity to take home several pieces to… Continue reading

Jillian and Miguel: an intimate and warm celebration

Some of the most beautiful and unique celebrations are intimate ones.  A perfect, dream wedding might just be a small cluster of loved ones witnessing vows at the beach at sunset, followed by… Continue reading

Ashley and Stephen: happy celebration at the RB Winery

Both of them grew up in China, but they didn’t meet until three days after Ashley arrived in the states, when she was just starting at Purdue University.  He helped her move in,… Continue reading

Jennifer and Alfonso: class, warmth, and a great party

As a photographer, there is no greater compliment than to have someone ask me to photograph their wedding.  Sure, my friends will always be encouraging, but when they respect what I do enough… Continue reading

Tina and Clint: Stone Brewery reception

Tina and Clint’s wedding was absolutely perfect – and offered all of the beauty and romance that Kauai has to offer.  But of course, because of the long trip away, not all of… Continue reading

Tina and Clint: destination Kauai

Tina and I knew each other… ahem… about 20 years ago and have kept in touch through Facebook.  So then when she stopped by the Bridal Bazaar booth last year I was thrilled… Continue reading

Summer and Mitch: a love-filled day

If you know me, you know that family is super important to me – and that my own family, in so many ways, has defined who I am in everything I do, from… Continue reading

Karina and Travis: a sliver-screen themed soiree

As if it were the setup to a great romantic comedy, Karina and Travis met on the CBS lot and fell in love.  Since they connected through the entertainment industry, and since they’re… Continue reading