Heather and Jermaine

Not long ago I was able to take Heather and Jermaine’s engagement photos.  When I got home that evening and started looking through the photos, the thing that struck me most was the way that their closeness so clearly came through in the photos.  And now as I’ve pulled together some of my favorite images of their wedding for this blog post, I’m finding the same thing.  As much as I’d like to pat myself on the back for being such a great photographer, I think these two have such a strong connection that they can’t help but show it… to everyone around them.
I love the unique color combination of this wedding: navy and bright pink.  The two colors are a striking combination. 

I love these photos that Amy took while Jermaine and his groomsmen were getting dressed.  They look like they come from another time.

Amy also captured the two photos below of beautiful stained glass windows.