Love Notes Stationery

Over the last year or so I’ve had so much fun getting to know Jessica, who is the fun, and extremely talented graphic designer behind Love Notes Stationery.  She comes up with the most beautiful and unique designs that her clients just love!

We met up recently to take some photos of her new collections that she can use on her website and in social media.  So Jessica lugged over a bunch of boxes containing stacks of invitations, as well as various accessories to add to the photos, and we had such a great time coming up with settings and more accessories around my house for each collection.  Here are a few of my favorites from that day.
lovenotesblog_02 lovenotesblog_03 lovenotesblog_04lovenotesblog_05So, funny story about this collection.  When I saw the ivy decorating the arch of mason jars, I told her “Hey, how cool! This design looks just like the decor that we used in our styled shoot last year!”  When I showed her the photos from the shoot, she couldn’t believe it – the photo that she used as inspiration for this collection just happened to be one that we took, which had been posted on Pinterest!  :-)  What an honor – and wow, small world!lovenotesblog_06And this one was super fun. When I saw the market lights on her design, I actually yanked down the market lights from the awning in our back yard to come up with this photo.  I love her colors on this one.. they really set such a cool mood!
lovenotesblog_01Adorable, right?!lovenotesblog_07 lovenotesblog_08 Bridal shower anyone?lovenotesblog_09 lovenotesblog_10 lovenotesblog_11 lovenotesblog_12 lovenotesblog_13

And here we are at a San Diego Style Weddings Magazine party. I went to this event on my own, and really, when it comes to going to parties filled with strangers, I can be a bit shy. Running into Jessica and her fiancee Chris was such a treat – and we ended up having a great time!lovenotesblog_14