Alyssa and Matt: San Rafael wedding and Grand Pacific Palisades reception

When I think about Alyssa and Matt’s wedding ceremony and celebration, the word that comes to mind is ‘family’. Even their closest friends who attended and participated in the wedding are part of the bigger family of support and love that these two have accumulated and nurtured over the course of their relationship. Throughout their wedding day, we could see that  Alyssa and Matt are so loved by everyone close to them; parents, grandparents, siblings, common high school friends, fellow marching band members, work colleagues.  Everyone that day was so warm, so fun, and so happy to see their relationship come to this stage. And through their interactions with everyone that day, we could also see that this huge family of loved ones is treasured by Alyssa and Matt in return.

Alyssa and Matt were married at the beautiful San Rafael Parish in Rancho Bernardo, then partied the night away at the Grand Pacific Palisades in Carlsbad.

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Alyssa and Matt, thank you so much for asking us to help you capture these fun and beautiful memories. As someone who also treasures my own family, I appreciated, and was moved by the special connections and relationships that we were able to witness and photograph on your special day. You two are so genuinely warm, and I loved how you both seemed to appreciate every moment of your wedding day with the people you care about most.

Congratulations on a perfect celebration and we wish you so much happiness as your own family grows.

PS — huge thanks to Summer and Mitch for referring Alyssa and Matt to us. :-)