Karina and Travis: a sliver-screen themed soiree

As if it were the setup to a great romantic comedy, Karina and Travis met on the CBS lot and fell in love.  Since they connected through the entertainment industry, and since they’re both really into movies, they decided that movies and TV would have to be incorporated into their wedding.  As wedding photographers, we love it when couples come up new and fun ideas to make their wedding unique.  But not only were Karina and Travis’ wedding details fun for us to shoot, we absolutely loved working with these two!  As you can see from the photos, of course they’re in love.  But they also really seem to like each other and seemed to enjoy every aspect of the day… not to mention the fact that they are a beautiful couple and take great photos.

Karina and Travis were married at The Prado, a beautiful and romantic venue in Balboa Park.  (Karina’s parents were also married here) Their event was perfect.  Soft, romantic flower arrangements in white, yellow and orange (provided by the amazing Adina of Simply Adina Floral Designs) were offset perfectly by the teal bridesmaids dresses and men’s accessories.  And the movie-inspired theme came together seamlessly, thanks in large part to the oversight and execution by The Best Wedding for You‘s Julie Scrivener.

But first… Karina and the ladies rented a super cool loft condo in the Gaslamp district, where they prepared for the big day.  I love the contrast between the soft, feminine dress and the urban backdrop.

And yes, I know, we probably didn’t need to post this many photos of the dress and shoes, but there were just too many fun ones and I couldn’t choose.


Have you ever seen more adorable wedding shoes in your life?

just beautiful…

a quick limo ride to Balboa Park.KarTra_10 KarTra_11

Karina decided to get dressed in the upstairs brides’ room at The Prado.


KarTra_13 KarTra_14 KarTra_15Next, a walk through the park to get some fun photos.  Once again, I had so much fun with these ladies that we ended up with far more photos than I could post.  Here are just a few favorites.

KarTra_16 KarTra_17 KarTra_18 KarTra_19 KarTra_20 KarTra_21An excellent photo bomb in 3… 2… 1…

KarTra_22 KarTra_23
I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I absolutely loved Adina‘s work on the flowers.
Each bridesmaid came up with her own nude shoes — I love the variety of shoes and even toenail colors, and the fact that all of them worked beautifully with the dresses.
And here’s our lovely bride.  Karina was just beautiful.

KarTra_26 KarTra_27 KarTra_28

I said I had fun with these ladies and I meant it!  Because they were so on the ball, and ready in plenty of time, we were able to get in lots of great photos before the ceremony.  Super funny, amazing attitudes, and yes, even punctual – Karina had the perfect crew.

KarTra_29 KarTra_30

And now for the ceremony.  Karina and her dad are just about to enter the ceremony.  They don’t even look like they’re feeling a drop of stress.  So happyKarTra_31

The Prado is such a romantic place for a wedding

KarTra_32 KarTra_33 KarTra_34 KarTra_35

I just love how happy these two are!

KarTra_36 KarTra_37 KarTra_38 KarTra_39 KarTra_40 KarTra_41 KarTra_42 KarTra_43 KarTra_44 KarTra_45 KarTra_46

Now for the movie themed reception!  The ballroom at The Prado was a beautiful location for the happy event.

Is this a gorgeous venue or what!

KarTra_48 KarTra_50 KarTra_49

The bride and groom sat at a Princess Bride themed sweethearts table.

KarTra_51 KarTra_52 KarTra_53 KarTra_54

And of course, what is a movie without popcorn and candy?

KarTra_55 KarTra_56 KarTra_57

In keeping with the theme, each table was decorated with a different movie or TV show.  I may need to create a separate post just to show more of the unique table centerpieces — again, Adina‘s work was just amazing!  And if I’m not mistaken, guests were specifically paired up with certain tables.  For example, parents sat at the “Father of the Bride” table and coworkers sat at “The Office” table.  So much fun.  Here are just a few examples.

KarTra_58 KarTra_59 KarTra_60 KarTra_61 KarTra_62 KarTra_63 KarTra_64 KarTra_65 KarTra_66 KarTra_67 KarTra_68

later, Karina dances with her mom and grandma.

KarTra_69 KarTra_70 KarTra_71 KarTra_72 KarTra_73 KarTra_74 KarTra_75

Karina and Travis – throughout the wedding planning process, you two have been fantastic to work with.  You were so easy going and fun, and you had so many great ideas, we looked forward to this wedding from the day you booked us.  And you didn’t disappoint!  Everything turned out so great – we are just so grateful that you asked us to help you capture it!  Thank you two for being such amazing clients – I really hope you love the photos as much as we do!