Bree and Omar: the best kind of quirky

I met Breanne at the Bridal Bazaar a few years ago, and she was so sweet, telling me that even though she and Omar hadn’t started planning their wedding in earnest yet, she already knew that when she did, she wanted us to take her photos. When she called me to tell me that she was ready to set the date and book us, I was thrilled. :-)

The more I got to know Bree and Omar, the more I liked them. These two are so much fun, and I’m sure their friends would laugh if I point out that they are a bit “quirky” as well, as from what I know of them, this would be a bit of an understatement.  Sure, one might not be too surprised to see a groom wearing a set of carved, wooden Rebel Alliance cufflinks on his wedding day. And the fact that the bride opted to wear her signature dark-rimmed glasses with her wedding gown instead of contacts just shows that she wanted to feel like herself. But these two are unique on a truly deeper level. Case in point: at the end of their Balboa Park engagement session, Bree asked to stop in at the Natural History Museum so she could buy a dinosaur themed t-shirt to change into, as it would be more appropriate than her feminine blue dress when they were meeting friends to go see a Viking metal band later that evening. Love it!

So here they are – newlyweds, and super fun people, Bree and Omar… or Oscar… depending on who you ask. Bree and Omar were married at the El Camino Country Club in Oceanside.


Bree and Omar – Dad and I had so much fun with you two.  You did such a beautiful job of pulling everything together to create a celebration that was so special. When I look again at the photos we captured of your wedding day, to me it’s clear that throughout the day, you two were at your happiest and most relaxed, and laughing the most, when you were together. You are a beautiful team and we wish you a long and happy life together!  Thank you again for asking us to be part of your day.