Sarah and JT : just for fun

It’s not entirely clear who adopted who.  But the fact of the matter is that when Sarah went to visit her friend Karen, she had no intention of leaving with a new family member.  Yet, that is precisely what happened.

As I understand it, someone rescued him as a well-intended gift for one of Karen’s ailing relatives.  Unfortunately that plan fell through and the little guy’s fate was unknown . . . that is, until Sarah walked into the room.  Everywhere she went the dog followed.  Any time she sat, he sat with her.  He knew what she didn’t yet know herself – that the two would one day be family.  And that they are.

With practically ungroomable fur of at least a half-dozen colors, and with one ear perked up (the other down) little JT is perhaps the scrappiest little guy I’ve seen.  In contrast, Sarah is classy and polished in her dress and heels.  Together, they’re magic: pure joy and love.

These photos were taken last week near Sarah’s home in Irvine, CA.
Sarah_JT_01Sarah_JT_02Sarah_JT_03Sarah_JT_04Sarah_JT_05Thanks to the wind, for a minute there we weren’t sure who had the messier hair.  But she got it under control.  (whew!)Sarah_JT_06Sarah_JT_07Sarah_JT_08Sarah_JT_09Sarah_JT_10Sarah_JT_11Sarah_JT_12Sarah_JT_13

Really Sarah, you’re absolutely FABULOUS!!