William, Connor, Samantha & their parents

Meredith and I have been friends for a while now.  And I have to say, she’s one of the best friends to have because she laughs at ALL of my jokes and makes me feel like the wittiest person in the world.  I AM the wittiest person in the world… right…?  But besides being fun and a great sushi companion (few people I know are willing to unabashedly consume quite as much as we do) I also know that she’s a no nonsense woman with great taste.  You should see her home!  I mention this because until recently she had another family photographer and decided to try me out instead – I’ll admit I was intimidated.  But after having such a great time photographing Samatha earlier this year I knew I would enjoy just hanging out with the family and getting a few fun shots while I was at it.

So… I thought getting an entire bridal party looking at the camera at the same time was tough, but it really doesn’t compare to the challenge with little ones… THREE of them!  I admire people who make family photography their primary focus (pardon the pun) – it takes skill and a way with kids that I have to work really hard at, having none of my own.

As challenging as it was to get all of their attention at the same time, we got some good ones (thanks to the antics of mom and dad standing behind me).  These kids are super fun and happy, with such unique personalities.  I think we captured a lot of that here.  It turned out to be a great afternoon.

The monkey-boys.

She really has grown up SO much this year… and still just as cute.

And here she is.  The plan was for me to just capture the kids, but I couldn’t resist.  Meredith – you’re such a beautiful person and I feel lucky to be your friend.  Thank you for asking me to photograph your little treasures.  I mean it when I say I had a great time!  Ralph – you’re pretty great too.  Next time maybe we’ll get more of you.  :-)