Welcome Baby Jackson!

I don’t specialize in infant portraits. There are some very talented photographers out there who primarily photograph babies, and who have amazing setups to do so.  They often have dedicated studios, and they have assistants who aren’t there to help with the photography, but who are there for the sole purpose of handling the infants.  As much as I would love to have those resources, I don’t.  And yet, I love the photos that I have been able to capture of families with their treasured new additions. They may not always be studio-perfect, and each session is very different from the next, but I think that’s really what I love about them. I love that in a recent session, Baby Kady’s mom had so many great posing ideas and was willing to help me set them up. And that she was fortunate enough to have a very sleepy baby on her hands, willing to cooperate with those photos.  And I love that in a session before that, Baby Amelia wouldn’t stop screaming, so we captured her little face in that moment – and that when she calmed down, we captured the peace of her sleeping with her parents.  There is nothing generic about the photos that I’ve taken of babies, and actually, I think that’s a good thing.

Which brings us to Jackson. Jackson was three and a half weeks old when these photos were taken. At this point, he had no interest in curling up on his tummy and going to sleep – he was sleepy when he was being held, but he quickly woke right up, ready to check out everything! When we laid him down in our studio setup, he didn’t curl up into a little ball, he stretched his arms and legs straight out.  Rather than try to fight it, we rolled with it.  And I love the result.  Jackson has so much personality and such great expressions – I can hardly wait to see what he looks like as he gets older.  Such a cute little man!!

jackson_04 jackson_06 jackson_13 jackson_23 jackson_30 jackson_34 jackson_37bw jackson_42bw jackson_47bw